This is a famous hike for resident and visitors. Taking access away will cause problems for any form of development in the area.

Melanie A. Peterson

Chugach State Park in conjunction with the Municipality of Anchorage must acquire this piece of property. In order to ensure public access to the State Park is maintained and is furthermore retained for the purposes of securing public access without the hinderance of private property.

Mark West

Want to keep Wallace Ranch around for our grandchildren to enjoy as much as our children did when they were young.

Audrey Harrop

PLEASE save our historic site and beautiful entrance to the park! We will be more than willing to pay park fees or taxes to make this whole area State Park land. Our pervious dog took his last hike on that old road before he died of cancer, and we have a 7month old daughter that we would love to share these mountains with her and her new dog. Every visit we make, we always clean up the trails and take care of the land. We live in Eagle River and visit this land REGULARLY.

Thank you,
Jeremy Ptak

We love hiking up Baldy and would hate to see access to this great area of the park denied. South Anchorage has many beautiful areas with large parking lots for people to access the Chugach.

Tom and Mary Lee Miller

I am someone who feels like this hiking trail is necessary to stay reserved for Alaskan residence. Tons and Tons of residence all over Alaska utilize this trail for fitness, and admiration of Eagle River's beauty. If this trail is used for residential property it will take away a lot of Eagle Rivers attraction and also take away from the beautiful scenery we have available to us here.

Gavin Parsons

Please save this amazing area from development.

Tina McPhetres

I hike and enjoy this area, so close to our houses making it very convenient to get out and enjoy our mountains.

Shane R. Spencer

I would like show my support for the Wallace Brother Mountain acquisition. I believe that this property needs to be retained for the local community. Being a horse person I have seen far too many restrictions on land for the horseback riding community, the latest being the Beach Lake trails in the Fall and Winter months. It would be a wonderful addition to have a shared trail system with ample parking for horse trailers.

Opening up the Wallace Brothers Mountain trails would be an asset to the skiers, hikers, equine community and other activities. It would be a shame to lose another trail system. Thank you for your consideration of this important community issue.

Christine Lorentzen

I am writing to voice my support for the state acquisition of the Wallace homestead to provide a permanent public access to Chugach State Park.

I have entered the park many times in my 39 year residency of Chugiak/Eagle River but by far the most memorable time was late October 1992, when my then 17 year old son and his 15 year old friend became lost over night in the mountains above Eagle River. They were part of a group of 4 boys who went on a 'short' Sunday afternoon hike when they decided to split up and take a "short cut" back to the car. As it got dark I got a call from two of the boys to report that the other two had not returned to the car.

We began an immediate effort to find these fellows and by first light the next morning had assembled a "search base headquarters" at the Wallace homestead. Mr Till Wallace gave us a key to the gate and free range to do whatever we needed. Two of us fathers spent the night in our car hoping that the lads might find there own way out. By Early morning about a twenty of my friends were on scene along with the Alaska State Troopers, several teams from the Mountain rescue volunteer group with there search dogs and the State Trooper helicopter.

A television news crew had arrived and after a long morning of mounting concern, in the early afternoon the boys were finally located safe and sound though cold and embarrassed. my wife and I deeply appreciated the effort of all involved including the Till Wallace for his unquestioned support in our emergency.

This event and many other worthy uses of this land illustrate what would be a sad lost opportunity to keep this access point to the park in public hands, I would also state that this great "Jewel" of Chugach state Park is seriously short of public access points.

Gale Armstrong

We just love this area and would like to see it turned over to the Chugach State Park. So many people use the area that it would be a real shame to lose access to the beautiful area. Being up there brings out the best in people.

Robert Atkinson

I live in Palmer, and have never actually hiked in this area; however, the issue of access was brought to my attention through the Mountaineering Club of Alaska, so I am securing a permit and hope my fellow members will do the same as we believe in keeping access open for future generations, as well as protecting the area from erosion, litter, abuse, etc.

Carlene Van Tol

Living on Skyline, I spend the majority of my time hiking on Baldey, using the Wallace Brothers Mountain access a large portion of this time, as it is a perfect place to have a flatter trail, which is perfect for shorter hikes or hikes with individuals incapable of walking up the steeper Baldey trail. Thanks for the all the efforts to keep the land open to the public!

Jonathan Hamilton

This is one of those expenditures that looks large now, but in 20 years would be seen as a great bargain!

Alexandra Hill

Our family has spent several decades enjoying hikes into the Chugach park through the Wallace Brothers homestead access.

Kurt Johnson

I am adamant that this area needs to be preserved in its natural state.

Mike Anderson

As many people have observed, this parcel is unparalleled in the Anchorage area for its views of upper Knik Inlet, the Talkeetna Range, and Denali. The Mt. Baldy area is only going to get more popular and taxed as the proximal population grows. The Wallace homestead parcel would allow for distributing entry points to the Chugach, as well as providing for a greater diversity of topography to experience. Moreover, with expanded parking being an inevitable need, this parcel could accommodate such a need without having to gouge the slopes. (Incidentally, I wrote the letter to the editor last fall arguing that available money such as that directed for the west Anchorage tennis facility would be better spend acquiring the Wallace parcel.)

Clinton Holloway

I support the park purchase and I do not support residential development of the area.

Mike Redmond

This property should be enjoyed by all! Thank you for allowing my family and I to appreciate this gem for the past 25 years!

Kathy & Sam Morales

From 1984 to 1998 I utilized this trail for access to Blacktail Rocks and Roundtop Peak. I was an instructor for the mountaineering classes at UAA's Alaska Wilderness Studies Program. Once or twice per semester for those 14 years I took classes up this trail to access some of the best terrain for teaching rock climbing and general mountaineering skills. Carrying 60 lb. packs was only practical over this more gradual approach. The vertical Mt. Baldy trail would not have been negotiable under adverse conditions. I feel it imperative that this land be included into Chugach State Park, as this access is the only practical approach to this area of the park.

John Kress

When I was an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 229 I remember camping at the homestead and always thinking what a treasure we had in our local community.

Thomas May

We have utilized Wallace Mountain and the surrounding area for over thirty years. It is vital we keep this area a recreational destination for not only local residents, like me, but visitors and other Alaskans. It would be a crime to take away this unique part of or community to yet more development!

Lorraine Krueger

Would be willing to start up a private fund to support this. Eagle River needs this park!

Sean Kelliher

It would not be an understatement to describe this property as a treasure, one that ought to be acquired in order to benefit all Alaskans, current and future.

Lee & Molly Baker

I've enjoyed Wallace's Ranch since the early seventies. Their road provided access to our favorite hang gliding site on Swiss Alps. Buddy Woods would land his helicopter there to shuttle hang gliders to the top of Baldy for the Bear Paw Festival. It's the best access to Blacktail Rocks and Vista Peak. It was not uncommon for hundreds of people to be at the Ranch on summer weekends particularly when the blueberries were ripe. Thanks to the Wallaces for the access and use, place ought to be in the Park.

Kent Hudson

Public access to Chugach State Park is crucial to the people's right to enjoy this amazing resource. The State should take advantage of this rare opportunity to acquire an access point the public can reach easily

Laura de Mander

This land provides substantial opportunity for being a crown jewel of Chugach State Park, similar to the Flattop area in the Anchorage bowl.

John Steiner

It would be great to have access to the point to help this wonderful sport of paragliding and hang gliding grow!

Christopher Palm

This place had been part of my life from childhood to adulthood. I would hate to see it be given up for building purposes. Keep it as it was meant to be, a wilderness wonderland.

Sarah Bagron

I really enjoy my time spent here. It's a great location not far from town. Please keep it wild.

Noah Buhr

Love your homestead!

Stehpen & Dorinda Brezina

We hope that Chugach State Park does acquire the Wallace Homestead. Our family has grown up in Chugiak and would like to see continued access and enjoyment for all. It would be devastating to see this land developed into more high end housing space.

We were married in the meadow to the North West of the lake this winter I hope that we can take our grandchildren there someday.

Rodney & Dianna Wehr

Urban sprawl has already encroached far too much into this area.... The Mt Baldy area is a very heavily used recreational access point into the park. The Wallace Homestead area would be a very natural and welcome addition the Mt. Baldy access...

Jack P Brown

Please preserve this access to the park, there are many that cannot make the Baldy climb because it is too steep. This access allows many more to enjoy Chugach State Park in the Eagle River area.

Becky Geurts

I was born and raised in Eagle River and I feel that this recreational area is essential to our community. I want my son to grow up experiencing the beauty that Baldy has to offer. Baldy brings in people and money to our community, as well. Let's keep them coming in to see what Eagle River is all about!!

Jenna Morales

I love Baldy and have been spending my spare time there my ENTIRE life. I am a born and raised Eagle RIver resident and want my children (ages 3 and 1) to be able to love Baldy and everything about it, just like my husband and I do.

Kiri Abbas

I use to hike this mountain growing up and Alaska. When I return, it is one of the first things I will do. THANK YOU!

Amber D. Bogle

I hike up here all summer long!

Annette Angel

This has been a much used trail by us and our family members (parents and siblings) for years. It is one of the best trails because it is so close to eagle river and it's a quick hike. Perfect for those days when you have a 2 hour window and want to see the amazing Eagle River/Chugiak view. Please save this land for public use and protect it as State Park land! Preserve this wonderful place for us and future alaskans who love the challenge of vertical trails.

Kirsten & Joseph Park

I love Baldy. It's been my birthday celebration for years.

Lizette Stiehr

I grew up hiking on and around the Wallace Brothers Mountain, and loved it. It is also an experience I share with the individuals I serve that experience a disability. They enjoy the exercise, exploring, taking pictures, and picking blueberries. It is a very special place for people who grew up in Eagle River, and I hope that future generations will get to enjoy it as well.

Kari & Richard Dembroski

Sure hope this land is acquired by Chugach State Park. Would hate to lose this beautiful park.

Steve & Sally Novak

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Jeff Stroke & Susie Terwilliger

We walk and hike this area frequently and would be highly upset if this was no longer available. This is the perfect place to catch the beauty of Eagle River.

Ron & Rebecca Crowl

This is a part of Eagle River history. I grew up hearing stories from my parents about their time spent up there as younger kids. Please don't destroy all of the history up there to make a quick buck!

Rachel Lindfors

We have lived on Skyline Drive since 1974. We know the Wallace Brothers and have hiked Mt. Baldy for decades. It is a very unique piece of property that should be made parkland for future generations. We support the acquisition of this property by Chugach State Park. It is a watershed area, not only for all of the homes on the mountain, but also for Meadow Creek. It would be a tragedy to have it developed, and if developed, it could potentially harm many.

Chris Anderson

Access to climbing Baldy is essential to our community. A "Baldy" hike is just an Eagle River thing, and anything should be done to preserve access to this jewel. Thank you to those who have been working hard to accomplish this.

Kimberly H. McCarty

Please purchase this property to keep it a State Park. We all use this area and it would be a terrible thing to have it destroyed.

K. Troyer

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