We Need Your Help.

Wallace Brothers Mountain has been a fixture of Eagle River for over half a century- but now it's in jeopardy of being built out as a private subdivision. Help us preserve this site by signing up for a pedestrian access permit and staying informed about the effort to preserve the area for Chugach St Park.

Register for a FREE Pedestrian Access Permit

By registering, you insure your legal right to be on the property as well as help us gather support for making Wallace Brothers Mountain part of Chugach State Park. Plus, it's FREE!

Contact the Alaska Legislature

Contact these Alaska state legislators, legislative candidates, and assembly members, and let them know this issue is important to you!

  • Senate District F:   Bill Stoltze   866-465-4958    EMAIL
  • Senate District G:  Anna MacKinnon   800-861-5688   EMAIL
  • House Dist. 12:   Kathy Tilton   800-342-2199    EMAIL
  • House Dist. 13:   Dan Saddler    877-460-3783    EMAIL
  • House Dist. 14:   Lora Reinbold   800-770-3822    EMAIL

MOA Assembly:

  • Bill Starr    907-694-5060    EMAIL
  • Ami Demboski    907-343-4113    EMAIL
  • All MOA Assembly Members    EMAIL

  • Mayor Ethan Berkowitz    907-343-7100    EMAIL
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